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在進行網站重新設計前要問的終極問題清單 (Ultimate List of Questions to Ask Before Undergoing a Website Redesign)

Ultimate List of Questions to Ask Before Undergoing a Website Redesign

When can you launch it? How much is it going to cost?

These seem to be the only two questions clients really care about when it comes to redesigning a website.

Yet, a redesign is an opportunity for so much more. It’s a chance to audit the current site’s assets, key performance indicators (KPIs), target audience, and user interface to determine what the site needs to do, why it exists, and for whom it should be relevant. A simple makeover can’t accomplish this. There needs to be a discussion to answer website development questions with the client to get a suitable grasp of where the project is going, the breadth the client wants to accomplish, and what results are expected. You need to understand so much more to create a website that actually serves the company and supports its goals.

How to Plan a Successful Website Redesign

This depth of understanding can be difficult to accomplish during the website redesign proposal phase or even during the first few weeks of a relationship. It’s why the growth-driven design approach makes so much sense: Remove the risk from the website redesign process by having a systematic approach to making consistent updates and improvements to a website every single month. This way, new insights into the sales and marketing process and data about how and why visitors use the site inform design decisions.

But whether you sell growth-driven design or complete website redesign and launch projects, you need to do your research and gain a deep understanding of the brand, its current site, and its wishes for a new online home. Without a thorough investigation, both the form and function of the website will fall flat.

Areas To Investigate Before Launching A Website Redesign

  • Determining SMART Goals
  • Understanding the Site Requirements
  • Functionality Of the Website
  • Setting Benchmarks
  • Setting Up A Lead-Generation Process
  • Building Relationships
  • Managing Content

The Ultimate List of Questions to Ask Before Undergoing a Website Redesign

We put together this comprehensive list of questions you should consider asking the client at the beginning of a website redesign project. Some of these might have already been covered during the website redesign proposal phase; others are prompts to spark a conversation between you and your client.

Determining SMART Goals

1) Why do you want a new website?

2) What is your business’s unique value proposition?

3) What is the purpose of the site?

4) Do you have SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals for your website that will help you know that the site is a profitable and successful marketing investment?

5) How quickly do you want to achieve these goals?

6) Who are your top three competitors?

7) What elements do you like and dislike on their websites?

8) Will this website redesign be a complete overhaul with a new structure and features or simply a new look for your current site?

9) What types of reports and data based on website usage would you like to be able to review on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis?

10) How to plan to market the site once it is launched?

11) What is your budget for this project?

12) What is your yearly budget for website improvements?

Understanding the Site Requirements

13) Do you have specific accessibility requirements beyond what is outlined by WAI-ARIA?

14) Will your site pages need to announce that they use cookies per some countries’ requirements?

15) Where is your site currently hosted?

16) Do you know the level of hosting you need?

17) Do you have access, and can you provide usernames and passwords?

18) Do you ever have large spikes in traffic that we will need to plan for from a hosting standpoint?

19) Do you have or need an SSL certificate?

20) Do you know what level of SSL certificate you need?

21) What do you like and dislike about your current sites?

22) What are some sites that you like the style of, features, and functionality of?

23) Do you currently use marketing automation software?

24) Do you use email marketing, landing page, or other tools on your site?

25) Do you use a CRM to store sales and customer information?

26) Do you require multi-layer access permission for your website?

Functionality of the Website

27) Do you require a membership-only section of the website?

28) Do you plan to post audio files to the site?

29) Do you have a video hosting service or will you be uploading videos to Vimeo or YouTube to embed videos on your site?

30) Will you need people to log in on the site either with a username and password or by using social logins?

31) Will users need the ability to post product reviews?

32) Do you want users to be able to comment on blog posts and other types of content?

33) Do you need to integrate chat features?

34) Will you need an internal search engine for your site?

35) Will you need to support multiple languages on your site?

36) Do you want people to be able to share content from your website?

37) Will visitors have to enter credit card information and other personal details on any section of the website?

38) Do you plan to sell anything through your website? Will we need to find an ecommerce platform to handle carts, customer accounts, discount codes, and payment processing?

39) Do you need to run multiple sites on multiple domains from one CMS?

40) Will you be running ads on your site?

41) Would you like to budget for user testing during the design and development phase?

42) Do you need to publish an event calendar on your website?

43) Do you have a site architecture completed?

44) What key pieces of information should be available on every single page of your website?

45) Do you use call tracking to track online campaigns?

46) Do you use Google Analytics or another analytics provider?

47) What tools and apps do you use to run your business?

48) Would you like to be able to integrate these third-party services with your site?

Setting Benchmarks

49) What are your most trafficked pages?

50) Which site pages rank high in SERPs?

51) What percentage of visits are from organic sources?

52) What percentage of traffic are referrals from other sites?

53) What percentage of traffic is from social media sites?

54) What percentage of traffic is from email marketing?

55) What percentage of traffic is from direct or people who type your URL into the search bar?

56) What percentage of traffic is from mobile devices?

57) What percentage of traffic is from tablet devices?

58) What sources – social, referral, organic, etc. – generate traffic from mobile and tablet users?

59) What metric(s) do you use to measure the success of your blog? Visits, conversions, or leads?

60) What metric(s) do you use to measure the success of your website? Visits, conversions, or leads?

61) What metric(s) do you use to measure the success of your email marketing? Visits, conversions, or leads?

62) What are your top performing landing pages?

63) What are your top performing blog posts?

64) What are your top performing keywords?

65) How many visits does your site get each month?

66) How many pageviews does your site get each month?

67) How many leads do you generate each month?

68) How long do people typically spend on your website?

69) What is the bounce rate for your site?

70) What is the average amount of sales generated by your site each month?

71) What is the page load time of your site?

72) Is your current site optimized for mobile users?

73) How many pages on your site are indexed?

74) How many inbound links are pointing to your current site?

Setting up a Lead Generation Process

75) Do you collect information from visitors and store this in a CRM or use it to inform marketing efforts?

76) What fields do you currently or want to include on forms?

77) What information is a nice-to-have versus a must-have?

78) Do you currently use progressive profiling on your forms?

79) Do you want to capture lead information from videos on your site?

80) Do you send email marketing communications?

81) What types of emails do you send to subscribers, prospects, leads, and customers?

82) Do you currently include relevant call-to-actions on content posts?

83) Have you established your lead scoring criteria?

84) Would you like to run predictive lead scoring every few months to automatically determine the properties and weight of each factor to create a lead score?

85) Have you performed A/B tests of your landing pages and calls-to-action to increase clickthrough rates?

86) Do you want automated emails to be triggered by actions customers take on your website?

87) Do you want the ability to create, edit, and publish landing pages and site pages?

88) Will you be running ads – native, display, search, etc. – to drive traffic to your site?

Building Relationships

89) Are on-site meetings required?

90) Do you have a preference for a tool or system for virtual meetings?

91) Will you be managing the site once it is relaunched?

92) Will you require training on how to properly maintain the site?

93) Who all is responsible for reviewing and providing feedback on the site?

94) Who will give final approval for the site prior to launch?

95) Will your copy need to be reviewed and approved by legal and compliance?

96) Will your legal team need to create the privacy policy for the site?

97) Would you prefer to give feedback on the site wireframes, designs, and staging site through email or a project management or creative collaboration system?

Managing Content

98) Do you have an existing content management system you prefer or would you like our suggestions on the proper CMS?

99) Do you have a documented content strategy?

100) What types of content will you publish on the site?

101) Do you currently have duplicate content on your site?

102) Will you be updating and reusing content and/or images from your current website?

103) Will you be writing the content for the site?

104) Will you be uploading and formatting the content for the site?

105) Do you create ebooks, whitepapers, and other resources are placed behind a form?

106) Have you created buyer personas? How many do you have and will we need to set up conversion funnels for each persona?

107) Do you have photos and visuals to use for the site that can be used for commercial purposes or should we budget for stock or custom photography?

108) Would you like to personalize content so that the content shown is targeted and relevant for different types of visitors?

109) Will external sources of content – say from an RSS feed – need to be included in your site?

110) How often will you be updating the content on your site?

在進行網站重新設計前要問的終極問題清單 - Ultimate List of Questions to Ask Before Undergoing a Website Redesign

我們常在客戶詢問階段被問到以下的問題 →

我希望你們幫我們網站進行改版:_Q1.什麼時候可以上線? Q2. 它將花費多少預算?


但其實我們並沒有辦法立即回答客戶這個答案, 原因是: 對我們來說作網站就像是啟動一個工程建案一樣, 因為我們認為重新設計建構的網站 (或是全新的網站建置), 要能夠符合客戶的商業目標, 不管是打造品牌, 驅動產品銷售,飯店訂房,眾籌項目, B2B 銷售或是公司品牌形象…等。

因此,我們把網站建置當做是重新蓋一棟商業大樓的工程來看待, 以下整理出在專案開始前我們常會需要引導客戶回答的問題, 希望能夠幫助您們 (設計/ 工程師/ 建築師們) 能夠更深度了解客戶的商業需求, 蓋出滿足大家期待的大樓✌。

tenten 認為作一個專業的網站就像是啟動一個大樓建案的工程一樣複雜tenten 認為作一個專業的網站就像是啟動一個大樓建案的工程一樣複雜重新設計網站更像是一個契機讓客戶能夠審計當前網站的資產、關鍵績效指標(KPI)、目標受眾和使用者介面…等,以確定網站需要做什麼,它為什麼存在,以及它應該與誰有關。因此如果只是簡單的改造網站拉皮大樓外牆設計是無法實現期商業目標的。




但無論你銷售的是增長驅動的設計還是完整的網站重新設計和啟動項目,我們都會需要做深度研究,並深入了解品牌、其目前的網站及團隊對於新網站的期望 (如行銷/ 銷售/ 客服…等)。


  • 確定SMART目標
  • 了解網站的要求 (Requirement)
  • 網站的功能 (Function)
  • 設定基準 (KPI)
  • 了解潛在客戶 (新客戶) 的購買過程
  • 建立合作模式 (如何對接/ 開會頻率/ PM 工具…等)
  • 管理 (未來長期經營的團隊身分為)


以下是網站重新建置需要釐清的問題清單 (110 題)


1) 你為什麼想要一個新的網站?

2) 你的企業 (產品) 的獨特價值主張是什麼?

3) 該網站的目的是什麼?
4) 你是否為你的網站制定了SMART(具體的、可衡量的、可實現的、現實的、及時的)目標,這將有助於你知道該網站是一項有利可圖和成功的行銷投資?

5) 你希望多快實現這些目標?

6) 誰是你的前三個競爭對手?

7) 你喜歡和不喜歡他們網站上的哪些元素?

8) 這個網站的重新設計將是一個具有新的結構和功能的全面改革,或者僅僅是對你目前的網站進行一個新的外觀?

9) 你希望能夠按月、按季或按年審查基於網站使用情況的哪些類型的報告和數據?

10) 一旦網站啟動,如何計劃行銷?

11) 你對這個項目的預算是多少?

12) 你每年用於網站改進的預算是多少?


13) 您是否有超出WAI-ARIA所規定的具體可訪問性要求?

14) 您的網站頁面是否需要宣布他們按照某些國家的要求使用cookies?

15) 您的網站目前在哪裡托管?

16) 您知道您需要的主機級別嗎?

17) 你是否有許可權,你能提供用戶名和密碼嗎?

18) 你是否曾經有大的流量高峰,我們將需要從主機的角度來計劃?

19) 你是否有或需要一個SSL證書?

20) 你知道你需要什麼級別的SSL證書嗎?

21) 你喜歡和不喜歡你目前的網站的什麼?

22) 有哪些網站是你喜歡的風格、特點和功能的?

23) 你目前是否使用行銷自動化軟體

24) 你是否在你的網站上使用電子信箱行銷、登陸頁面或其他工具?

25) 你是否使用CRM來存儲銷售和客戶資訊?

26) 你的網站是否需要多層訪問許可權?


27) 你是否要求網站有一個會員制的部分?

28) 你是否計劃在網站上發布音頻文件?

29) 你是否有影片托管服務,或者你將把影片上傳到Vimeo或YouTube,在網站上嵌入影片?

30) 你是否需要人們用用戶名和密碼或用社交登錄來登錄網站?

31) 用戶是否需要發布產品評論的功能?

32) 你是否希望用戶能夠對部落格文章和其他類型的內容進行評論?

33) 你需要整合聊天功能嗎?

34) 你的網站是否需要一個內部搜索引擎?

35) 你的網站是否需要支持多語言?

36) 你是否希望人們能夠分享你網站上的內容?

37) 訪客是否需要在網站的任何部分輸入信用卡資訊和其他個人詳細資料?

38) 你是否打算通過你的網站銷售任何東西?我們是否需要找一個電子商務平台來處理購物車、客戶帳戶、折扣程式碼和付款處理?

39) 你是否需要從一個CMS中運行多個域名上的多個網站?

40) 你將在你的網站上運行廣告嗎?

41) 你是否願意在設計和開發階段為用戶測試做預算?

42) 你需要在你的網站上發布一個活動日曆嗎?

43) 你是否已經完成了一個網站架構?

44) 你的網站的每一個頁面上都應該有哪些關鍵資訊?

45) 你是否使用呼叫跟蹤來跟蹤在線活動?

46) 你是否使用Google分析或其他分析供應商?

47) 你使用什麼工具和應用 程式來運行你的業務?

48) 你是否希望能夠將這些第三方服務與你的網站結合起來?


49) 你的流量最大的頁面是什麼?

50) 哪些網站頁面在 SERP 中排名較高?

51) 來自有機來源的訪問比例是多少?

52) 從其他網站轉來的流量占多少百分比?

53) 來自社會媒體網站的流量比例是多少?

54) 來自電子信箱行銷的流量占多少百分比?

55) 來自直接或在搜索欄中輸入你的URL的人的流量比例是多少?

56) 來自 行動裝置的流量占多少百分比?

57) 來自平板電腦設備的流量占多少百分比?

58) 哪些來源–社會、推薦、有機等–產生來自移動和平板電腦用戶的流量?-- 來自手機和平板電腦用戶的流量?

59) 你用什麼指標來衡量你的部落格的成功?訪問量、轉化率或線索?

60) 你用什麼指標來衡量你的網站的成功?訪問量,轉換率,或線索?

61) 你用什麼指標來衡量你的電子信箱行銷的成功?訪問量,轉化率,還是銷售量?

62) 你的表現最好的著陸頁是什麼?

63) 你表現最好的部落格文章是什麼?

64) 你表現最好的關鍵詞是什麼?

65) 你的網站每個月有多少次訪問?

66) 你的網站每個月有多少頁面瀏覽量?

67) 你每個月產生多少線索?

68) 人們通常在你的網站上花費多長時間?

69) 你網站的跳出率是多少?

70) 你的網站每月產生的平均銷售金額是多少?

71) 你的網站的頁面載入時間是多少?

72) 你目前的網站是否針對移動用戶進行了優化?

73) 你的網站上有多少頁面被索引了?

74) 有多少內向連結指向你目前的網站?


75) 你是否收集訪問者的資訊並將其儲存在CRM中,或者用它來為行銷工作提供資訊?

76) 你目前或希望在表格中包括哪些欄位?

77) 哪些資訊是最好的,而不是必須的?

78) 你目前是否在你的表格上使用漸進式的分析?

79) 你想從你的網站上的影片中獲取線索資訊嗎?

80) 你是否發送電子信箱行銷通信?

81) 你向訂閱者、潛在客戶、線索和客戶發送什麼類型的電子信箱?

82) 你目前是否在內容文章中加入了相關的號召性行動?

83) 你是否建立了你的線索評分標準?

84) 你是否願意每隔幾個月運行一次預測性的線索評分,以自動確定每個因素的屬性和權重,從而創建一個線索評分?

85) 你是否對你的登陸頁面和行動呼籲進行了A/B測試以提高點擊率?

86) 你是否希望通過客戶在你的網站上採取的行動來觸發自動化的電子信箱?

87) 你是否希望能夠創建、編輯和發布登陸頁面和網站頁面?

88) 你是否將運行廣告–本地廣告、顯示廣告、搜索廣告等–來為你的網站帶來流量?


89) 是否需要現場會議?

90) 你是否對虛擬會議的工具或系統有偏好?

91) 一旦網站重新啟動,你是否會管理它?

92) 你是否需要關於如何正確維護網站的培訓?

93) 誰負責審查和提供網站的回饋?

94) 誰將在網站啟動前給予最終批准?

95) 你的副本是否需要經過法律和合規部門的審查和批准?

96) 你的法律團隊是否需要為該網站制定隱私政策?

97) 你是否願意通過電子信箱或項目管理或創意合作系統對網站的線框、設計和暫存網站提供回饋?

管理內容 (長期維護)

98) 您是否有您喜歡的現有內容管理系統,或者您希望我們為您推薦合適的內容管理系統?

99) 你是否有一個記錄在案的內容戰略?

100) 你將在網站上發布希麼類型的內容?

101) 你目前的網站上是否有重複的內容?

102) 你是否會更新和重新使用當前網站的內容和/或圖片?

103) 你會為網站撰寫內容嗎?

104) 你是否將為網站上傳和編排內容?

105) 你是否創建電子書、白皮書和其他資源放在表格後面?

106) 你是否創建了買方角色?你有多少個,我們是否需要為每個角色建立轉換漏斗?

107) 你是否有可用於商業目的的網站照片和視覺效果,或者我們應該為圖片庫或定製照片做預算?

108) 你是否願意將內容個性化,以便所顯示的內容對不同類型的訪問者具有針對性和相關性?

109) 你的網站是否需要包括外部的內容來源–比如說來自RSS提要的內容?

110) 你將多久更新一次網站上的內容?