Why Agency Should Remodel the Service Business Like a Startup? (Keynote Topic for Dentsu)

Keynote speech topic for Dentsu in 2019

  • Service as a product (Main topic)
  • Independent working culture
  • Creative Capital
  • Transparent working culture
  • Seeing the big picture
  • OKR framework
  • Research & experimentation (Agency but startup thinking)
  • (Case Study) The Rise of the No-Code Movement
  • (Case Study) How we rethink the agency client acquisition model and build a Growth Engine like startups?

Rethink & Redesign agency service model

- How to productized our services like startups?

  • Slogan
    • Rethink & Redesign agency service model
    • Maybe we could productized our service like a startup?
    • What is a Productized Service and Why Should You Start One?
    • How To Market Services – Treat Them Like a Product
    • How to Productize a Service to Work Less and Earn More