Website Development Questionnaire

Website Development Questionnaire

Welcome to our website development questionnaire! This tool is designed to help us understand your project needs thoroughly, ensuring we can tailor our services to meet your expectations effectively. Your responses will serve as the foundation for crafting a proposal that aligns with your goals and requirements.

Client Information

  • Client Name:
  • Project Description:
  • Project Plan (if available):
  • Timeframe:
    • Start Design Phase:
    • Start Development Phase:
    • Receive First Draft of Static Content:
    • Receive Final Static Content:
    • Client Receives Access to CMS:
    • Start Quality Assurance:
    • Launch:
  • Budget Range for Development:
    • (Setting up a proposal is a time-consuming process. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure we are the right partner before proceeding.)

Site Structure

  • Sitemap:
    • (Include all necessary pages such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, 404 Error Page, etc.)

Audience and Research

  • Target Audience Description:
  • Reasons for New Website:
    • (What were the shortcomings of the previous website?)
  • List of Competitor Websites:
    • (This will help us assess performance benchmarks and set realistic goals.)
  • Client’s Goals:
    • (Define success criteria and metrics for measuring achievement.)

Content Strategy

  • Draft Content Availability:
  • Supported Languages:
    • (Any anticipated changes in language support in the near future?)
  • Content Types per Page:
    • (Text, Images, Videos, Audio, Others)

Design Preferences

  • Design Responsibility:
  • Wireframes Availability:
  • Design Formats:
    • (Sketch, Figma, etc.)
    • (Ensure inclusion of hover, active, and focus states.)
  • Typography Details:
    • Fonts Selection:
    • Font License Acquisition:
    • Font File Availability (woff & woff2):
    • System Fonts for Fallback:
    • Hosting Preferences:
      • (Local server hosting vs. cloud-based services like TypeKit or Google Fonts)

Technology Stack

  • Preferred Technology Stack:
  • CMS Requirement:
    • (If required)
    • CMS Preference:
    • Self-hosted or Headless:
    • Update Frequency:
    • Number of CMS Users:

Your detailed responses will enable us to create a comprehensive proposal tailored specifically to your project’s needs. Should you have any suggestions for improving this questionnaire, please feel free to share them with us. We value your feedback and are committed to delivering the best possible service.

Website Functionalities

Let’s dive into the functionalities your website needs to ensure it meets your goals and serves your audience effectively.

Front-end Functionalities

  • Describe the desired front-end features such as:
    • Carousel of images with controls and auto-play
    • Newsletter subscription form or demo request form
    • Confirmation email for contact form submissions
    • Integrated videos using:
      • Embed (Vimeo/Youtube)
      • Default HTML5 player
      • Custom HTML5 player

Back-end Functionalities

  • Outline any back-end capabilities required, for example:
    • Ability to manually sort projects in the CMS

Behavior and Animations

  • Share any preferences regarding:
    • Behavior, like a fixed header when scrolling
    • Animations, such as elements animating in when scrolled into view
    • Any other specific behavior or animation requirements

Browser and Device Support

  • List the desired browser and device support based on your audience’s usage.
    • Provide details like device name, operating system, browser name, and version.
    • Consider existing website statistics from tools like Google Analytics.
  • What is the largest screen size targeted? Additional breakpoints may be needed for larger screens.

Tracking and Analytics

  • Current tracking setup:
    • Is tracking integrated into the existing website?
    • Any available tracking plan or strategy?
    • Name of tracking service and specific pages or events to be tracked.


  • Confirm if the site is publicly available to search engines.

Domain Details

  • Domain to be used for the website:
    • Is it currently in use?
    • Where is it registered (e.g., GoDaddy)?
    • Any associated email accounts?
    • Will the domain be solely for the website or used for other purposes?

Hosting Preferences

  • Hosting provider and server setup preferences.
  • Any data migration requirements.
  • Who will handle the deployment?

Quality Assurance

  • Ideally, quality assurance should be conducted by an external partner, not the client or developers.

Launch Support

  • Do you require extra support when the website goes live?

Post-launch Plans

  • Outline any post-launch plans such as feature expansion or bringing development in-house.

Your detailed responses will help us craft a solution that aligns perfectly with your needs and objectives. If you have any additional thoughts or preferences, feel free to share them with us!






:zap: 貢獻


:bookmark: 問卷


  • 客戶名稱
  • 項目描述
  • 項目計劃(如果有)
  • 時間框架,例如:
    • 開始設計階段
    • 開始開發階段
    • 收到靜態內容的第一份草稿
    • 收到最終靜態內容
    • 客戶獲得CMS訪問權限
    • 開始品質保證
    • 發布
  • 開發的預算範圍
    • 設置提案是一個耗時的過程。因此,在設置提案之前,確保您是正確的合作夥伴是很好的。
  • 網站地圖
    • 不要忘記像《條款和條件》、《隱私政策》、《404》等頁面…


  • 目標受眾的描述
  • 開發新網站的原因?例如,現有網站有什麼問題?
  • 競爭對手網站列表
    • 讓我們檢查競爭對手網站的表現,這樣我們就可以在設定性能目標時考慮這些數據。
  • 客戶的目標是什麼?什麼時候會成功,如何衡量成功?


  • 是否有內容草稿?
  • 需要支援哪些語言?這在不久的將來會改變嗎?
  • 每個頁面將顯示什麼類型的內容?例如:
    • 文本
    • 圖片
    • 視頻
    • 音頻
    • 其他


  • 誰負責設計?
  • 線框圖
  • 設計
    • 使用哪種格式?Figma/Sketch/Illustrator/Photoshop…
    • 確保包含懸停、活動和焦點狀態
    • 當前狀態是什麼?
  • 字體排版
    • 將使用哪些字體? (有 Brandkit 或企業標準字嗎? 還是由我們規劃?)
    • 是否已獲得使用字體的許可證?許可證允許使用 Webfont 授權?
    • 有哪些字體文件可用?(woff 和 woff2)
    • 對於每個字體,作為後備,將使用系統字體的名稱是什麼?
    • 它們可以托管在與網站相同的服務器上,還是我們需要使用像TypeKit或Google Fonts這樣的基於雲的服務?


  • 技術堆棧的偏好?
  • 是否需要內容管理系統(CMS)來維護動態內容?如果是,
    • CMS的偏好?
    • 自行托管部署 (PHP, Python, Node.js…) 還是無頭CMS
    • 網站將以多頻率進行更新?
    • 會有多少人使用CMS?


  • 前端功能,例如:
    • 循環播放的圖片輪播,具備控制和自動播放功能
    • 訂閱通訊或請求演示的表單
    • 提交聯繫表單後發送確認電子郵件
    • 影片,集成方式包括:
      • 嵌入(Vimeo/Youtube)
      • 默認的 HTML5 播放器
      • 自定義的 HTML5 播放器
  • 後端功能,例如:
    • 在 CMS 中手動排序項目的能力
  • 有關以下方面是否有任何想法/偏好:
    • 行為,例如:
      • 捲動時頂部固定標題
    • 動畫,例如:
      • 捲動到視圖時對元素進行動畫


  • 列出瀏覽器和設備支援。如果您當前的網站的訪問者已被例如 Google Analytics 追蹤,建議考慮這些統計數據。
    • 設備名稱 / 操作系統 / 瀏覽器名稱 / 瀏覽器版本
      • 例如 iPhone 8 / iOS 11 / Google Chrome / 65
  • 目標的最大屏幕尺寸是多大?例如,27”可能需要額外的時間,如果需要實施額外的斷點。


  • 現有網站是否已集成追蹤?
  • 追蹤計劃是否可用?
  • 追蹤服務的名稱
  • 需要追蹤的頁面
  • 需要追蹤的事件?例如,用戶動作,例如:
    • 捲動到特定區塊
    • 點擊社交連結


  • 網站是否公開可用?


  • 網站使用的域名是什麼?
  • 域名目前是否在使用中?
  • 域名目前註冊在哪裡?例如 GoDaddy
  • 是否有任何與域名相關的電子郵件帳戶?
  • 這個域名是否僅用於網站,還是還將用於其他目的?例如客戶 FTP?


  • 偏好的主機提供商和服務器設置?
  • 是否需要遷移任何數據?
  • 誰將負責部署?


  • 誰應該執行質量保證?理想情況下是外部合作夥伴,而不是客戶或開發人員。


  • 網站上線時是否需要額外支援?


  • 網站上線後的計劃是什麼?例如:
    • 用X和Y功能擴展它
    • 將開發內部化