Webflow Expert service by Tenten™

Our Webflow production wrokflow

Webflow Development

  • Custom development
  • we’ll be handling those items in this phase of the project alongside front-end development. This includes API Integrations, Custom Forms, Membership Sites, Ecommerce, Log-in, Large content migration, Etc…

On-page SEO

  • Standard On-Page SEO (Meta Tags, etc)
  • XML sitemaps
  • OpenGraph
  • Robots.txt
  • Ability to customize and redirect Slugs (URLs) (301 Redirects)
  • BEM Class Naming & Styling (provides a better structure for your CSS code and scalable CSS… BEM stands for Block Element, Modifiers, this means if you export your code outside of Webflow, it’ll be easy to use)
  • Dynamic Meta Data (Synced via CMS Inputs)

Content and CMS population

CMS Training

Hand-off and launch

  • Before we launch your website we’ll complete an internal Q/A and triple check everything, once we have the green light we’ll transfer the completed Webflow website to your account and create 2 back-ups. Depending on the scope of work we’ll either help with deployment and launch on Webflow or we’ll help you migrate the website to another platform of your choice.

Our Webflow experience: Count on us to help build your Webflow site with insane quality.

  • Unlimited requests (reasonable requests under the timeframe)
  • Quick delivery
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Webflow Pros