Non-Profit Agency Service (Epic Note)


  • We help nonprofits perform more successfully online.
  • 10年後,人們會認為其他的企業經營方式感到不可思議。「企業只在乎營利」是一種過時且不負責任的觀念。
  • 一個大家都爭著對世界最好 (Best for the World) 的時刻將在不久後到來!

Curate List

[Basic Concept:]

  • Social Change
  • Design a webpage for the Non-Profit program for submission. (Message, Communication Design)
  • We will select one non-profit to do the free pro bono work for them every 6 month or 3 month.
  • Provide the consulting or everything they need in Design or Digital consulting (like website/ logo design/ Google Non-Profit App integration)
  • Those org need to be verify by Tech Soup. [頁面完成後提交 TechSoup 合作], After approaching those non-profit org in Taiwan. I think they are lacking of Branding or Marketing sense, and they don’t even know there are a lots of free Org digital resource that they could use to help in the growth.


  • We can decide message which range of “Social Change” or Non-Profit work we want to provide free pro bono work for them in the webpage

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