key factors that made facebook strong

  1. Real name registration.
    build trust between users. So it’s worthy to spend time
    to digest the informations. This simply explained why
    Dcard won’t and can’t be as big as facebook.
    Ptt, BBS left the IP address of the users, but it takes too
    much effort to trace back to a person.
  2. Customized newsfeed.
    like a customized newspaper, and allows users to have
    a glimpse at other users newspaper if they want
  3. Made social activities more efficient.
    effective crowd connecting means the cost of social
    activities are strongly reduced.
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Those are pretty damn old knowledge, and those news are like from stone age for Startups time.

Have you ever watched this movie?

Well…Facebook is committing slow suicide, and dying, but Instagram is slowly taking it’s social usage for millennials.

Facebook is aging, not dying. People are still using it, so do I.
Because we still need daily newsfeed. Which made facebook being not just a social media at this point.
And Facebook knows what their strength is, they are going to replace the conventional medias. I don’t think facebook will be wipe out by some startups in the near future.