Playbooks of Tenten Book Club


Request the books you want to read here

PlayBook of Tenten Book Club

  • gather a book reading focus groups from 3-6 ppl that share the same interests of learning topic
  • choose the different books but similar topic and switch the books from each other in next session (if there are 3 ppl in ur focus group, then there will be 3 sessions)
  • You will able to host the book club sharing in every DemoFriday™’s afternoon starting from 4:00~6:00 (You can host the book club in anywhere you want, like a cafe or diner, it’s all up to you).
  • What you need to do: publish the summary or the reflection of your reading for the book you choose in TentenUniversity’s book club topic and share it to others. (tips: create a mindmap might be a good idea for the sharing)
  • What’s Next? Well, You can keep the book you’ve choose, and you can either decide to keep it or lend it to others. We will purchase another copy and keep it in our bookshelf either way as long as the focus group think it’s a good book.