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PipeDrive vs SalesForce

Why Pick Pipedrive

Pipedrive can revolutionize the way your business manages sales while maintaining a simple, easy to learn-and-use design. Altogether providing these services at very competitive prices.

Why Pick Salesforce

Salesforce offers a lot more features than most CRM software and integrates different platforms to help your business grow into a full-scale enterprise.


Pipedrive’s UI is just SO much more conducive to consistent use. Working leads through my pipe is intuitive instead of cumbersome. Click and drop, totally customizable, etc.

Salesforce is just 90’s webware and needs a front end reboot bad.

They call it SalesForce because you have to force your sales team to use it.

I use Salesforce to keep my manager off my back. I use pipedrive for my own personal use and love it