OKR/Timetracking system research


  • UX (navigation/2 layers)
  • UI (Clean and thoughtful)



  • time editing is really easy and intuative
  • Chrome extension is easy to use
  • setting is really detail, can adjust minor things
  • permission follow by projects, three group Manager, user, viewer
  • thoughtful integration



  • good UI, but a bit confusing to pickup
  • timeline logging quite ideally



  • more OKR interpretation, simple and not confusing 1-1 review
  • nice dashboard perspective
  • timeline is good!


  • love the function of survey, easy and more social touch
  • friendly feedback

  1. don’t let me know you’re tracking me
  2. can separate clients and projects within managing dashboard
  3. HOTKEY to star/end time tracking, change project tracking
  4. use softwares to detect which project you’re working on (pop notification)

@vince Can you also write down the user stories you’ve mentions in our last meeting here?

Toggl is kinda impressive…

  • it was a single man dev team first time I know it like 8-10 yrs ago (I think many SaaS startups were start like this in that period, before the small SaaS success stories of “Basecamp”)
  • it’s product still not the best in the market, but I think they have found their temple in Marketing. (They do know how to marketing & brand according to their web design)
  • A team with 70 ppl https://toggl.com/about/