Remote working tools


I think for remote working, tools matter the most for basically we rely every our works on it.
Ideally is to pack those tools a bundle so that whenever we can start anywhere as long as we have

General Using tools

General Using tools refers apps or services that help team to collaborate, every team member will use.

  • Slack
  • NAS
  • Office suite file> ideally move to Google cloud suite or Confluence
  • 1Password
  • Jira
  • (opt) Cloudmounter

Managing tools

For KPI, OKR tracking tool, measure employee’s efficiency and productivity

  • Desktime (potentially be replaced with Tenten Dash)

______ Starter Pack

According to the team to have different kinds of tools pack. Such as Designer Starter pack, PM Starter Pack… etc…




Sketch plugin pack

  • remember to pack your handy plugins anytime to make your working progress better even change a computer.
  • There’s actually a tool Sketchpacks however doesn’t have every plugin I use. might be helpful in someway.

Web page and screen capture


Something might improve the collaborate even when we are apart

Video online discuss and review

Know what your teammate is doing

It’s in developing stage, however good enough for current requirement


Ya, cooL. This will be our last week of design research, and we will settle down all the detail and find the “對標 product” to start to working on the UI design

Good Job