Coworking Space/ Remote Experiment in CIT

Write down everything of your insight and findout here like

  • Cons and Pros
  • What about Performance?
  • What about the collaboration
  • Sth missing?


  • It’s really quiet here, and sometimes new environment can make ppl more concentrated if they can adapted fast
  • Possibility that we might get to know other ppl with different line of works.
  • Conclusion: Agile and Focus


  • Comparing to the office, it’s kinda inconvenience here like standing desk/ dual monitor and all kinds of accessories if we need to do some hardware dev here
  • The best down-side cloud be: we can make any noise here, so it’s impossible to have a quick team meeting around the desk or have a immediately zoom conference anytime. Everything will need to be scheduled first
  • it seems like there are too may ppl her (overcrowded)
  • Something unpredictable: like slow internet sometimes
  • Conclusion: inconvenience


So I think maybe our decision to have our own working space cloud be a good idea, then we will able to have the agility and the focus but also keep the convenience.

阿 Damn. 忘記帶耳機.

Tools Pack

  • Slack
  • Sketch (may need to use trial, else each laptop need to have one serial number)
  • Sketch plugin packs (opt)
  • Adobe suite
  • Desktime
  • 1Password
  • Cloudapp
  • Eagle (may need to use trial, else each laptop need to have one license)
  • Cloudmounter (temporary solution, else each laptop has to sync to dropbox from time to time)
  • NAS > currently can only use windows version, what matter is designer cannot sync to fontfont folder—solution 1. change the way we manage fonts, into cloudbased, by each project
  • Office suite file> ideally move to Google cloud suite or Confluence
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Abstract would be the perfect solution for the Sketch syncing issues, right? What really hassle about Dropbox is the user plan that everyone is sharing, some of our laptops are really quite personal and would like to have 2 accounts. (In terms of remote)

Totally agree, also my personal laptop doesn’t have much spaces for syncing company working files. i know that can sync by folders however some folders just so heavy.
but if we are going to have a working laptop in the future then i think dropbox syncing is not a huge problem.

Font thing troubles a bit, i stored separate font files in dropbox by projects since i was doing Moxa and i found finding specific font file from NAS is a trouble. now in per project> production folder at dropbox, i’ll store sketchpalette, textstyle.json and fonts for each project.

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I would like to hear more opinions from you regarding to our next-gen hackintosh book as well. Bring it back to home today, and do more test and feel it for the team


This is a great insight

MIbook Hackingtosh Feed back

  • This happens on both of my computer in the office and on MIbook, is whenever i use Zoom and Slack at the same time (especially when Zoom share screens -no matter is the participant sharing or myself sharing out- slack is totally frozen, basically cannot move anywhere. Especially while tabbing through applications. Even when the meeting is over and quit Zoom, the reaction of everything goes really really slow and lagging… don’t know why

I’m really getting used to this keyboard now, actually it feels better than Macbook Pro lol Plus this laptop is light weighted that is really suitable for carrying around. Monitor display nicely!

Minor issues

  • The sustainability of battery seems to be a shortcoming, however MacbookPro has the same issue.
  • Caps lock and Ctrl cannot be swopped
  • cannot adjust screen brightness by FN, i know this is what hackingtosh will have, but yeah just saying
  • Actually the poses while using a laptop is not really healthy for protecting our neck. bu can sort this out by plugging out a monitor.
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The Zoom/ Slack issues are super weird so I need to investigate it myself, well maybe you can loop ur BF and see if the Hackintosh guru have any ideas :wink: