How to fix PM981 in 10.13.2

I installed 13.3 in my SATA SSD ADATA SP550.And it works well.But when I read the files in PM981, the system will restart suddenly.So I have to disable PM981. But I found patch IONVMeFamily like this , my PM981 worked when I used 13.2.

Comment: IONVMeFamily Preferred Block Size 0x10 -> 0x01 © Pike R. Alpha implemented by syscl adapted for 10.13.x by Ricky

Name: IONVMeFamily
find: <f6c1100f 85410100 00>
replace: <f6c1010f 85410100 00>
I have used macOS 10.13.3 Supplemental Update successfully in PM981 by HackrNVMeFamilyInjector.kext nad ssdt-nvme.aml,
and it can be usually used. It is rarely crashed now.
I install it as follow,
1. Install 10.13.3 to USB device by HFS+ format
2. Make a VD copy from the USB device by Paragon Hard Disk manager (Don't support APFS now)
3. Restore it to the PM981 HFS+ partition
4. EFI with HackrNVMeFamilyInjector.kext nad ssdt-nvme.aml

Using HackrNVMeFamilyInjector.kext (class-code spoof injector kext) is the same as using native IONVMeFamily.kext (no class-code spoof).