Hackintosh High Sierra 安裝注意事項


USB 安裝時別忘記把 Enable SIP 打開!

This is how you can easily toggle enable/disable SIP on a hackintosh. Now many of you already know how to do this, but I created these steps for beginners to which they can reference and to which I can reference to in other guides.

Toggling SIP
Traditionally on a Mac you would go into the recovery partition and enable/disable SIP through Terminal with the csrutil command, however on a hackintosh there are two more convenient ways to toggle SIP on/off.

The first way is through the config.plist file of your EFI folder. Normally you will want to leave SIP disabled here, but it’s easy to change it here to enabled if you need to for some reason.

Method 1: config.plist

  1. Open config.plist in Clover Configurator
  2. Navigate RT Variables > CsrActivateConfig
  3. Change CsrActivateConfig to appropriate value
    1. Disable SIP: 0x67
    2. Enable SIP**: 0x00**
  4. Reboot Hackintosh to apply changes

Method 2: Clover Boot loader
The value set in config.plist will be the default value on every boot, but you can temporarily change CsrActivateConfig in the Clover Boot loader for a single boot. What this does is override the value set in config.plist for that boot, once you restart the hackintosh CsrActivateConfig will revert back to the default value. Being able to do this in the boot-loader is convenient if you only need it change it temporarily for example when installing drivers without having mount and edit config.plist changing CsrActiveConfig back and forth.

  1. Boot into Clover EFI Menu
  2. Select Options (gear icon) using arrow keys
  3. Select System Parameters
  4. Select System Integrity Protection
  5. Change to enable/disable
    1. Disable SIP - Check: Allow Untrusted Kexts, Allow Unrestricted FS, Allow Task for PID, Allow Unrestricted Dtrace, Allow Unrestricted NVRAM
    2. Enable SIP - Uncheck everything
  6. Select Return
  7. Select Return again
  8. Select Return again…
  9. Boot macOS partition