Prepare the OSX USB Boot

Create OSX USB Boot

Check Disk/ Format Disk HSJ+

diskutil list
sudo diskutil eraseVolume jhfs+ MyVolume disk0s4

Create USB Boot

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ --volume /Volumes/Hackintosher/

remove all partitions (recommended)

diskutil list
diskutil unmount /dev/disk0s4
gpt destroy /dev/diskY

Disk Command


diskutil list

In my case I wanted to format the parition as NTFS for installing Windows 7 on it. The last parameter is the partition 4 on first disk.

diskutil eraseVolume "Tuxera NTFS" my-ntfs disk0s4

To list available filesystems

diskutil listFilesystems

For those of you looking to format an entire disk and remove all partitions here is the command:

diskutil eraseDisk free itsfree /dev/disk6

Partitioning a Disk

diskutil partitionDisk /dev/disk2 GPT JHFS+ New 0b
sudo diskutil eraseVolume jhfs+ MyVolume disk0s4

App for Create USB Boot

Command Line