Hugo CMS (open-source static site generators) 安裝

I use Hugo, GitLab, and Netlify for blogs and landing pages. I highly recommend this combination. Hugo is blazingly fast and very customizable. It’s written in Go, so it compiles hundreds of blog posts in less than a second. My old Jekyll and Octopress blogs used to take a few minutes.
Netlify is like Heroku for static sites. You can connect Netlify to GitLab (free private repos), and Netlify will build and deploy your site when you git push. I also use the Netlify nameservers for many of my domains, and it’s really easy to set up SSL with Let’s Encrypt. I can buy a domain on Namecheap, and have a new blog or landing page deployed in less than 5 minutes.

Hugo 掛上 CMS interface (Netlify)


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