Top RPA (Robotic Process Automation) applications

Here are the top 30 RPA (Robotic Process Automation) applications, sorted by descending investment, presented in a table format:

Title Description URL City Company Employee Size
UiPath Offers a comprehensive platform for end-to-end automation, combining RPA with AI, machine learning, and process mining capabilities. New York 3,800
Automation Anywhere Provides a cloud-native platform for automating business processes with advanced AI and machine learning integration. San Jose 2,800
Blue Prism Focuses on high-volume, complex tasks with robust governance and control features. Austin 1,000
Microsoft Power Automate Part of Microsoft’s Power Platform, it enables workflow automation across various Microsoft services and third-party applications. Redmond 220,000
Pega Systems Known for its scalability and integration with business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Cambridge 6,000
WorkFusion Combines RPA with AI-driven cognitive automation to handle unstructured data and complex processes. New York 700
AntWorks Specializes in intelligent automation with an emphasis on data ingestion and AI. Singapore 500
Kryon Systems Offers a full-cycle automation suite including process discovery, analytics, and RPA. Tel Aviv 200
NICE Robotic Automation Provides RPA solutions integrated with customer engagement and workforce optimization. Ra’anana 7,000
AutomationEdge Best for hyperautomation, combining RPA with IT automation and AI to optimize processes. Houston 200
ABBYY FlexiCapture Focuses on document processing and intelligent data extraction to enhance RPA workflows. Milpitas 1,300
SAP Intelligent RPA Integrates with SAP’s ecosystem to automate enterprise processes, enhancing efficiency and compliance. Walldorf 102,000
IBM Robotic Process Automation Part of IBM’s automation suite, integrating RPA with AI and analytics for enterprise-wide automation. Armonk 282,000
Appian Low-code automation platform combining RPA with process management and AI capabilities. McLean 1,500
EdgeVerve Systems Offers an AI-powered automation platform for business process transformation. Bangalore 2,000
HelpSystems Automate Provides a suite of automation tools for business processes, IT, and data management. Eden Prairie 1,000
Laserfiche Specializes in document management and automated workflows for enterprise content management. Long Beach 500
Nintex Offers workflow automation and process management integrated with cloud services and AI. Bellevue 1,000
Softomotive (Microsoft) Provides desktop automation tools, now integrated with Microsoft’s Power Automate. London 150
Automation Hero Combines RPA with AI to automate data-intensive tasks and processes. San Francisco 100
ElectroNeek A no-code/low-code platform aimed at SMBs for rapid automation deployment. New York 200
Hyperscience Focuses on intelligent document processing and data automation solutions. New York 300
Jidoka (Novayre Solutions) Offers RPA solutions with a focus on scalability and integration with enterprise systems. Seville 100
Kofax RPA Integrates RPA with document intelligence and process orchestration capabilities. Irvine 2,000
OpenConnect Specializes in workforce optimization and process discovery combined with RPA. Dallas 200
Rocketbot Provides an easy-to-use RPA platform aimed at businesses of all sizes. Miami 50
Servicetrace Offers a comprehensive RPA suite with strong security and compliance features. Darmstadt 100
Tangentia Delivers RPA solutions along with AI and digital transformation services. Toronto 200
UiPath Process Mining Provides advanced process discovery tools to enhance and streamline automation efforts. New York 3,800
Winautomation Aimed at providing easy-to-use automation tools for small and medium businesses. Athens 50

The investment in these RPA applications reflects their growing importance and adoption across various industries, with companies focusing on improving efficiency, productivity, and compliance through automation technologies ( Datamation ) ( eWEEK ) ( AxiomQ ) ( Marlabs ) .