Top Magento agencies

Here is a table listing the top 30 Magento agencies, including their title, description, URL, city, and company employee size:

Title Description URL City Company Employee Size
Vaimo Full-service Magento solutions, omni-channel strategies, and Magento Commerce Cloud Stockholm, Sweden 250-499
Redstage Specialized in Magento development, e-commerce strategy, and Magento migration Jersey City, NJ 1000+
Forix Offers Magento ongoing support, custom Magento development, and UX/UI design Portland, OR 50-249
Corra Full-service Magento development with a focus on high-converting e-commerce websites New York, NY 50-249
InteractOne Provides Magento custom development, managed support, and e-commerce marketing Cincinnati, OH 10-49
Creatuity Known for Magento optimization and integration, delivering high-quality, innovative solutions Richardson, TX 10-49
Inchoo Focuses on Magento development and design, providing user-centered e-commerce experiences Osijek, Croatia 10-49
SparxIT Offers custom Magento development, migration, multi-vendor e-commerce development Noida, India 250-499
Arka Softwares Specializes in Adobe Commerce (Magento) development, providing personalized e-commerce solutions Dallas, TX 50-249
Dotsquares Provides comprehensive Magento development services, including web/app development, theme development, and integrations Albourne, UK 1000+
Mobikasa Known for Magento development with a focus on e-commerce performance and user experience New York, NY 50-200
Amasty Specializes in Magento development, offering extensions, API integrations, and e-commerce marketing services Minsk, Belarus 250-499
Navigate Commerce E-commerce development agency specializing in Magento, providing custom development and Magento 2 extensions Austin, TX 10-49
Hatimeria Global Magento development solutions provider, focusing on custom development and optimization Krakow, Poland 50-99
Ender Technology Provides Magento development, multi-site setup, and custom web design solutions Los Angeles, CA 50-99
ioVista Inc Empowers B2B and B2C brands with Magento development, e-commerce strategy, and custom solutions Dallas, TX 50-200
DnD Agency Offers consulting, strategy, and development for Magento e-commerce projects Paris, France 50-200
Tangkoko Provides Magento e-commerce solutions, web design, and mobile app development Paris, France 50-200
TheGeek.Family Assists with Magento site creation, redesign, and UX/UI, offering hybrid mobile app development Paris, France 50-200
Elyum Magento Solution Partner providing web, mobile, and digital solutions with a focus on SEO and SEA Paris, France 50-200
Alioze Offers complete Magento project development including design, usability, and SEO Paris, France 50-200
Start Rocket Provides Magento solutions from digital strategy consulting to SEO and e-commerce site management Paris, France 50-200
410 Gone Specializes in custom SEO strategy, Magento site creation, and security maintenance Lyon, France 50-200
Mokadev Magento Certified Developer providing backend and frontend development, migrations between CMS versions Toulouse, France 50-200
Dress Codes Guides Magento site creation, development, and provides ERP interfacing and loyalty point systems Châtel, France 50-200
Bytes Technolab Provides Magento development, focusing on SEO, e-commerce strategy, and platform optimization Ahmedabad, India 50-200
Elogic Commerce Full-service e-commerce agency specializing in Magento development and optimization Kyiv, Ukraine 50-200
Konrad Offers comprehensive Magento services tailored to the unique needs of e-commerce businesses Toronto, Canada 100-249
SmartSites Magento SEO experts providing keyword research, on-page optimization, and SEO strategies to drive meaningful traffic Paramus, NJ 50-200
Bing Digital Provides Magento web design and support services with a focus on B2C and B2B e-commerce London, UK 50-200

These agencies are renowned for their expertise in Magento development and e-commerce solutions, providing a range of services to help businesses optimize their online stores and drive growth. Sources: Mayple, Amasty, Cloudways, Tigren, DesignRush.