Top AI companies

Here is a table listing the top 50 AI companies, sorted by descending market capitalization:

Title Description URL City Company Employee Size
Microsoft Leading technology company with significant AI investments and developments. Redmond, WA 200,000+
Apple Major tech company integrating AI into its products and services. Cupertino, CA 147,000+
Nvidia Corporation Specializes in GPUs and AI technology for various applications. Santa Clara, CA 22,000+
Alphabet (Google) Parent company of Google, heavily involved in AI through Google AI and DeepMind. Mountain View, CA 190,000+
Amazon Utilizes AI in its cloud computing services (AWS), logistics, and other areas. Seattle, WA 1,540,000+
Meta Platforms (Facebook) Focuses on AI for social media, VR/AR, and other technology. Menlo Park, CA 77,805+
Tesla Integrates AI in autonomous driving and other technologies. Palo Alto, CA 99,290+
IBM Major player in AI, especially in business and data analytics solutions. Armonk, NY 345,900+
Oracle Uses AI for data management, cloud applications, and more. Redwood City, CA 132,000+
Intel Corporation AI applications in hardware and software, focusing on processors and data centers. Santa Clara, CA 110,000+
Salesforce Implements AI in customer relationship management (CRM) software. San Francisco, CA 73,000+
Qualcomm Incorporated AI solutions in mobile and IoT devices. San Diego, CA 41,000+
Adobe Uses AI in creative software tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. San Jose, CA 28,700+
Palantir Technologies Inc. Specializes in big data analytics and AI. Denver, CO 2,500+
Micron Technology, Inc. Develops memory and storage solutions with AI applications. Boise, ID 40,000+
ServiceNow AI-driven workflow automation platform. Santa Clara, CA 17,000+
Uber Technologies Uses AI for ride-hailing, autonomous vehicles, and logistics. San Francisco, CA 29,300+
Snowflake Inc. Data warehousing solutions with AI capabilities. Bozeman, MT 4,000+
Baidu, Inc. Chinese multinational technology company specializing in internet and AI services. Beijing, China 45,887+
SAP Uses AI to enhance enterprise software applications. Walldorf, Germany 107,415+
Atlassian Corporation AI in project management and software development tools. Sydney, Australia 7,000+
Dynatrace AI-driven software intelligence platform for observability and application security. Waltham, MA 3,600+
UiPath Robotic process automation (RPA) using AI and machine learning. New York, NY 4,000+
SentinelOne AI-powered cybersecurity solutions. Mountain View, CA 2,000+ Enterprise AI software applications for various industries. Redwood City, CA 1,500+
Darktrace AI cybersecurity solutions provider. Cambridge, UK 1,600+
Aurora Innovation AI technology for autonomous driving. Mountain View, CA 1,600+
PROS Holdings, Inc. AI-based pricing and revenue management solutions. Houston, TX 1,400+
Vectra AI AI for threat detection and response in cybersecurity. San Jose, CA 500+
Exscientia plc AI-driven pharmaceutical discovery and development. Oxford, UK 300+ AI-driven analytics and cyber engineering solutions. Columbia, MD 500+

This list highlights the leading AI companies by market capitalization, showcasing their global impact and innovation in various industries. Sources: Stash Learn, Stock Analysis, Datamation.