The architecture of a web3 applications

A web3 application, also known as a decentralized application (DApp), is a type of application that is built on top of a decentralized, distributed ledger or blockchain. The architecture of a web3 application typically consists of the following components:

  • Smart contracts: These are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between the parties being directly written into lines of code. Smart contracts are stored on the blockchain and are triggered by events or transactions.
  • Decentralized storage: This refers to the use of distributed storage systems, such as InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), to store data and other application assets in a decentralized manner.
  • User interfaces: This can be a web-based interface or a mobile app that allows users to interact with the DApp and its smart contracts.
  • Blockchain nodes: These are the nodes in the decentralized network that maintain a copy of the blockchain and participate in the consensus process to validate and record transactions.
  • Serverless functions: These are small pieces of code that can be triggered by events and run in a fully managed environment without the need to provision or manage servers. Serverless functions can be used to provide additional functionality to a DApp, such as interacting with external APIs or sending notifications.
  • External APIs: These are application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow the DApp to interact with external services or data sources.
  • Identity management: This refers to the use of decentralized identity systems, such as decentralized identifier (DID) networks, to manage user identities and authentication within the DApp.

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web3應用 程式,也被稱為去中心化應用 程式(DApp),是一種建立在去中心化、分散式賬本或區塊鏈之上的應用 程式。web3應用 程式的架構通常由以下部分組成。


去中心化的存儲。這指的是使用分散式存儲系統,如InterPlanetary File System(IPFS),以分散的方式存儲數據和其他應用資產。

使用者介面。這可以是一個基於網路的介面或移動應用 程式,允許用戶與DApp及其智能合約互動。


無 伺服器功能。這些是小塊的程式碼,可以由事件觸發,並在一個完全管理的環境中運行,而不需要提供或管理 伺服器。無 伺服器功能可用於為DApp提供額外的功能,如與外部API互動或發送通知。

外部API。這些是應用 程式編程介面(API),允許DApp與外部服務或數據源互動。