Taiwan and Woocommerce integration (Woocommerce 與美安 串接)

This plug-in provides the function of connecting WordPress WooCommerce and Market America Taiwan (美安 -


  • Integrate with and when user made a purchase and it will also send the data thru order API to
  • Integrate with to for canceling order API
  • Generate xml product catalog for to validate product feed for users can search your product in’s database
  • Can export monthly report (CSV file format)


  • You can see the order establishment and cancellation status of on the background order list and order page
  • The report can set the product ID and buyer format
  • Can set the timing of the establishment of the order
  • Can set the timing of order cancellation

Folder structure


this plugin is free download?

Wordpress integration service with Market America Taiwan - Shop-dot-com (美安) system

We can connect Shop-dot-com (美安) member information for you, and provide any content consultation on Shop-dot-com (美安) partner stores. We can help you set up an e-commerce website with WordPress or connect so that you can automatically update products and check Shop-dot-com (美安) verification reports, shopping cart flow, and more.

Do you want to eat Mae Ann Market?

If you are using WordPress to build a website and want to expose your e-commerce website on Shop-dot-com and have one more exposure point, then it is better to act now; let us be your strong backing!

Why do you need to connect to Shop-dot-com for exposure

Whether you are in the food, clothing, housing, transportation, or entertainment industry, have your own brand, and want more exposure. One more combination with Shop-dot-com American Alliance will give you one more opportunity to convert transactions. We know very well that the brand has just started When there is no way to have a lot of traffic, if you cooperate with Shop-dot-com, you have four major advantages.

Concatenated content introduction

  • Connect with Shop-com (美安) to set up order API
  • Connect with Shop-dot-com (美安) Cancel Order API
  • Generate Shop-dot-com (美安) xml product catalog

What is Shop-dot-com Shop-dot-com (美安) Alliance?

Like “affiliate marketing”, “recommended shopping” is a website promotion method. If you need more exposure, you can cooperate with Shop-dot-com Meian Alliance. Users who need to connect services please get in touch with us, because Meian The Taiwan company, has not authorized any third-party unit to promote the cooperation content of the partner store, so if you need to learn more about the cooperation mode with Shop-dot-com (美安) before that, we have no right to provide you with any consultation on the content of the Shop-dot-com (美安) partner store, whether it is the US The security contract and the submission of various materials are the same. You need to directly inquire with the partner store department of the Shop-dot-com (美安) Taiwan company until you receive the API serial link EMAIL, and then consider the API serial program development service of the Shop-dot-com (美安). Thank you.

Tandem Shop-dot-com (美安) Benefits

  1. Users see your products from the Shop-dot-com (美安) Alliance website, come to your website, and complete the order. In this way, Shop-dot-com (美安) will send rewards to consumers, so consumers have the opportunity to get your good products in addition to buying your products. Rebate money, more incentives to stimulate consumption. Moreover, at least a thousand merchants on the United States Alliance website provide various products, such as clothes, beauty care, nutrition and health care, shoes, and home appliances. You can shop for a long time.
  2. Increase the exposure of your products, let more people know about your good products, and bring more consumption transactions.
  3. Increase brand exposure, increase popularity, and let everyone know that your brand has been audited and certified by Shop-dot-com (美安).
  4. Participate in Shop-dot-com (美安)'s product promotion methods, such as website advertising space, EDM exposure, etc.

What are the steps to join Shop-dot-com American Security Alliance?

  1. The store contacted the sales staff of Shop-dot-com Shop-dot-com (美安) Alliance, told them there was already a shopping website, wanted to do an alliance connection, and negotiated the commission ratio with Shop-dot-com (美安).
  2. After the initial application is completed, Shop-dot-com (美安) will provide the exclusive store code and other information to the store
  3. The store provides us with the above information to complete the technical connection of the processing program (only a one-time connection program fee will be charged)
  4. After the connection is completed, the store informs Shop-dot-com (美安) that the connection has been completed and requires review
  5. Shop-dot-com (美安) will review the website (the operation time can range from several weeks to several months), and your products will be displayed on the Shop-dot-com (美安) website after confirmation.
  6. When users browse the Shop-dot-com (美安) website, they will have the opportunity to shop or find your products and register as a member of your website to place an order.

Connect with Shop-dot-com Shop-dot-com (美安) Alliance Process

1. Provide the following basic information of your company to Shop-dot-com (美安): unified code, zip code, mailing address, recipient, contact number, email, commission ratio, website name, website URL.

2. Shop-dot-com (美安) will provide an exclusive Offer_ID and Advertiser_ID
within 5 working days after receiving the complete information .

3. Fill the Offer_ID, Advertiser_ID and commission ratio into the background.

4. Product information XML
product ID, product name, woocommerce product short description, product URL, selling price image URL (please be sure to upload the picture in JPG format), product classification.

5. Ask Shop-dot-com (美安) to test the order.
a. The order is for test use, no actual shipment is required.
b. Shop-dot-com (美安) will place a test order in the name of “Market Test” and notify you by email.

6. Return the test order report to Shop-dot-com (美安): fill in the product information, RID, Click ID and other information of the test order

7. Cancel the test order: After Shop-dot-com (美安) confirms the success of the test order, it will notify you by e-mail to cancel the test order. After the order is canceled, please reply to the email to notify Shop-dot-com (美安).

8. After Shop-dot-com (美安) confirms that the record is correct, it means that the connection is complete: please get in touch with Shop-dot-com (美安) for subsequent online.

common problem

How do I know if this order is from Shop-dot-com (美安)?

Orders that can be accessed from the Orders > Shop-dot-com (美安) Orders page are all Shop-dot-com (美安) orders.

Failed to upload product information xml file?

Please confirm whether there are any gaps in the required fields in the provided product information xml, and send it once after filling it.

If I put a new product on the official website, do I need to re-import the product information xml file again?

The product information xml file only needs to be imported once during connection, and it will be updated automatically
on the Shop-dot-com (美安) side! The update time of the products on the Shop-dot-com (美安) side is based on when woo-commerce adds new products or updates products, not real-time updates.

Questions about Shop-dot-com (美安) test orders?

Provides system connection and is not responsible for services related to Shop-dot-com (美安) operations.
If you have any questions about Market Taiwan’s background operations or test orders, please get in touch with Market Taiwan’s window to inquire! Market Taiwan

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