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Hi there :wave:, My name is Erik Chen

I am a Product Designer/ Full-Stack engineer / Linux Enthusiast and Startups Investor with over 15+ years of experience in advertising, technology, and the startup industry. I’ve won Awwwards, helped create products or brands at the Digital Agency of the Decade.

Sole Founder of a digital agency in Taiwan: Tenten Digital. We help corporations or startup build products and business models like FET Telecom,,, Chunghwa telecom Mod, EvaAir, Continental Holdings and ESun Bank, Cathay Bank to build their product and digital strategy with a market cap of over $100M, and our approach is to help those leading companies to transform and become “Experience Disruptors” and boost their digital innovative and creative strategy.

Sometimes I will also get on heads on the product UI design and strategy research for our clients or the startups we were investing, and other times I will spend my time on OpenSource community and FinTech/ BlockChain/ SaaS innovations.

Before Tenten, I was a UX director and Engineer. I specialized in creating impactful ideas, often with new technology - but across all media, so I am a regular contributor to industry events in UX/ Digital Transformation/ Branding/ Innovation and startups.

As digital transformation and technology adoption take centre stage, new people and skills are needed in every Enterprise level business to manage these initiatives, so my role as CEO/ CTO can usually help my client and partners to enabling the strategy for growth.

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