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Notion as CMS (Headless CMS)

When the API appeared, I thought just how powerful Notion would be as a CMS (material administration system).

The idea can power all kinds of websites, like an individual blog, profile, touchdown web page, organization site, or perhaps an e-commerce store.

Each block in Notion translates to a web page on the site (e.g., About, Contact, a blog post).

Each sight in Notion converts to a view on the website (e.g., a restaurant’s supper menu, a listing of bestselling things).

The website must have a real format, with a header, footer, navigating, sidebar, all that jazz. This is greater than Idea pages on a custom-made domain name.

The benefits compared to WordPress/Squarespace/Wix:

you handle your website in the same area where you do various other work

if you already have material inside Notion, it only takes a drag-n-drop to release

with blocks & homes, you can have a rich set of data contrasted to just messages and also pages.

The drawbacks:

Notion’s database UI may not be the most effective at taking care of a great deal of content

problem to map the framework of an internet site to blocks in Concept.

Any person thought about Notion’s potential as a CMS? What would be your use situation?