HubSpot October 2020 - Inbound 2020 new feature: HubSpot 2020 新功能

如果您錯過了合作夥伴計劃和HubSpot產品,我想在10月分享一些激動人心的更新。儘管它不像 Inbound 2020 那樣令人興奮;還有一些更新,我相信這些更新將使您和您的客戶受益!讓我知道你的想法 :)

Dec - HubSpot 10 月 2020 更新

  1. GCO CMS資源
  2. 即將舉行的網路研討會
  3. 多語言部落格
  4. Wordpress整合的部落格導入(只需要網址)。
  5. 工作流改進(在廣告活動創建中嵌入工作流+[公開測試版]通過工作流添加到Google Sheets)。
  6. 自動化電子信箱中的自定義對象個性化令牌
  7. 改善產品更新體驗
  8. 新的創建/編輯許可權來管理模板和序列。
  9. 對行銷郵件添加評論

Here’s a video walk-through : Video Link

English version

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

I wanted to share some exciting updates in October relating to the Partner Program and HubSpot product in case you have missed it. Although it is not as exciting as the major releases/updates of Inbound; there are still some updates, which I am sure would benefit you and your customers! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Here’s the deck for this month: OCTOBER 2020 UPDATES - DECK.

What you can expect in the October updates?

1. GCO CMS Resource

2. Upcoming Webinars

3. Multi language blog

4. Wordpress Integration for blog import (only URL needed)

5. Workflow Improvement (Embedded workflow in ad campaign creation + [Public Beta] Add to Google Sheets via workflow)

6. Custom Objects Personalisation Tokens in Automated Emails

7.JIRA Integration - Create JIRA Issues, associate multiple JIRAs to one ticket

8. Improved Product updates experience

9. New Create/Edit Permissions to Manage Templates and Sequences

10. Add comments to Marketing Emails

Here’s a video walk-through : Video Link

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