Getting iMessage working on El Capitan and Sierra



Getting iMessage working on El Capitan and Sierra

If you have made it to this guide, you are probably trying to get your iMessage working. I applaud you for getting your hackintosh running thus far. While some say iMessage is the hardest to get working, I disagree. All the builds I have worked on tend to get up and running rather easily. I would like to thank /u/johnnyfortune and /u/cobo10201 for making their guides. Let’s get started!

  1. Open Clover Configurator and mount your EFI partition.
  2. Import your config.plist
  3. Navigate to the SMBIOS settings. Click on the magical wand.
  4. Choosing a mac to fake can be tricky, but commonly used desktop builds are: MacPro3,1 and iMac15,1. Shake the Week of manufacture and unit number.
  5. Copy the serial number that you just created and go to Enter serial number and enter the code. If the checker comes back with “We’re sorry, but this serial number is not valid. Please check your information and try again.” or something similiar, you are golden! However, if it comes up with purchase date and coverage, you need to shake the two variables in step 4.
  6. Assuming you have an invalid SN, copy that and paste it into “Board Serial Number” Now, while still in the same text box (with caps locks on) type 5 random letters and numbers.
  7. Open terminal and paste “uuidgen" (Without quotation marks), then hit enter.
  8. Copy the results of the terminal command you ran and paste it in the “SmUUID” field in the SMBIOS settings.
  9. Save/export your config.plist
  10. Open terminal once again and run the following list of commands on at a time:
  • cd ~/Library/Caches/
  • rm -R*
  • rm -R*
  • cd ~/Library/Preferences/
  • rm*
  • rm*
  • rm*
  • rm*
  • rm -R ~/Library/Messages/
  1. Optional: Open up Disk Utility, select your OSX partition, and rebuild the permissions. Reboot when this is completed. (Sometimes this is needed and others it is not.)
  2. Open iMessage and sign in! Bingo, you are now a step ahead of most other hackintoshers.
  3. If this does not work a simple mistake is having your primary network setup wrong. You can check this by opening up System Profiler, clicking on either Ethernet or Wifi and making sure that your internet network is listed as en0. If it is not, reset your network preferences by going to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and deleting “NetworkInterfaces.plist” and “preferences.plist”.

Good luck!

Note: If you are having trouble signing in and get a popup saying you need to contact apple, please do. Give them a bunch of fakeness and they sometimes will fall for it. Unblacklisting your Apple ID. For other errors, please repeat steps and try again.