Disable Device Enrollment popup

Disable Device Enrollment popup


There is a way to disable the popup. You need administrator rights and it involves a couple of reboots, but after that, it’s gone. Here’s how.

– Reboot the machine in recovery mode. This can be done by pressing and holding COMMAND + R when the machine reboots
– In recovery mode choose Terminal from the Utilities menu
– In the terminal window, run the command “csrutil disable” and reboot the machine when asked

After logging in, open a terminal window and give the following commands:

sudo mkdir /Library/LaunchAgentsDisabled

sudo mkdir /Library/LaunchDaemonsDisabled

sudo mv /System/Library/LaunchAgents/com.apple.ManagedClientAgent.enrollagent.plist /Library/LaunchAgentsDisabled/

sudo mv /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.ManagedClient.enroll.plist /Library/LaunchDaemonsDisabled/

Now reboot the machine, again in Recovery mode by pressing and holding COMMAND + R while restarting

From the Utilities menu start a Terminal again, and run the command “csrutil enable”. Reboot the machine when asked

This should do it. You can check if the popup is gone by issuing the following command in a Terminal window:

launchctl list | grep enroll

This should come up with no (empty) results.

The “csrutil” tool is to disable or enable the System Integrity Protection. You should re-enable it (so don’t skip the last step), because it gives your system an extra layer of protection.

Disable Sip - Method 1: config.plist

  • Open config.plist in Clover Configurator
  • Navigate RT Variables > CsrActivateConfig
  • Change CsrActivateConfig to appropriate value
    – Disable SIP: 0x67
    – Enable SIP: 0x00
  • Reboot Hackintosh to apply changes