5 HubSpot automations. The professional tool for hotels

The tourism sector is growing by leaps and bounds and at the same time is changing. So, it is logical to think that the way you work your marketing, sales and distribution of your messages and products can no longer be the same. That is why it is necessary to know the latest professional tools for hotels, to investigate them and to choose the one that best suits your establishment.

In today’s post we are going to talk about the professional HubSpot tool and the tasks that this tool allows you to automate from a single platform in order to manage your Hotel CRM Software.

To begin with, what is HubSpot? For those who don’t know this new tool yet, HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing software, highly focused on working the Inbound Marketing strategy. HubSpot is not just any tool, it is one of the pioneers in working the new marketing: the buyers marketing.

From content manager to SEO optimizer, HubSpot is a tool that allows you to work all phases of Inbound Marketing and Smarketing. Your email marketing campaigns and even the management of your social networks and a complete section dedicated to your business strategies are contemplated. In addition, HubSpot allows you to automate many actions, and, of course, you can have a real-time results analysis.

Below you can see five of the most important automations that can be managed from a single platform, HubSpot. Although there are many other tasks manageable through this tool. You can see all its functionalities in its website.

1. Blog publishing and analysis of results

HubSpot will guide you through your entire content strategy. At first, you’ll be able to define the easiest way your blog will be on aesthetic level: title, header, lead…

In addition, the blog tool in HubSpot has an SEO optimizer. Indicating the keyword you work with in each article, HubSpot will give you the instructions on where to include that keyword, guiding you in this way in the SEO position of your post.

In addition, you can include in another section the general keywords with which you want to work and HubSpot will analyze the difficulty of each one. After use, you can also analyze what performance and position your pages have on each of the keywords.

2. Real-time scheduling and results: Social Media

In this HubSpot platform you can also manage your hotel’s social networks. Publish to the moment, program messages later… And, most importantly, you can manage your accounts on this platform. You can include several profiles of each social network and you can also choose for each social publication in which profile or profiles will be posted.

In addition, HubSpot guides you in your social publications**, offering advice and guide manuals**. Publishing and programming your social networks in HubSpot is very practical and fast. When you write a message, it is copied to the social networks you want, without having to rewrite them all from scratch and being able to edit them to adapt them to each platform.

In addition, you’ll have real-time results on the number of clicks and interactions. If you are also blog and managing your web pages from HubSpot, when you make social publications about your blog posts in your networks, you can analyze who has seen your posts or landing pages from each social platforms.

3. Programming your email marketing strategy

As you know, your email marketing strategy must be completely segmented. You cannot submit the same content to different targets that have different interests and needs.

HubSpot makes it easy in this regard. You can choose manually or from a list (also manual or automatic) to whom each email will be sent. In addition, you will get the number of satisfactory emails delivered. That way you will know if any users have canceled the subscription to your emails, the number of emails opened and even where the receivers have clicked.

This is the only way to know if you are doing well, what you should modify and what to enhance in your Email strategy.

4. Automate workflows and let HubSpot work for you

A workflow will show you how tasks will be structured, in what order and under what conditions. HubSpot is prepared to work with this type of dynamics and they are very useful for different acctions.

For example, if you want to organize an event, you can tell HubSpot to whom to send the invitation email (from a manual or automatic list or following a series of user conditions), to whom the thank-you message will be sent (only to those who finally attended, for example), etc. And mark a chronology too.

In HubSpot workflows you can work with conditionals, with absolute indications and with all sorts of contact lists.

5. Commercial follow-up: lead scoring

With HubSpot you will know what your users are interested in, so you can divide the content and offers according to their needs, in order to convert these potential customers into your hotel’ final guests.

HubSpot will tell you what content your users have read, what call-to-actions they have clicked and what emails have aroused their interest. This way, your commercial team can work from a solid base, offering personalized content to each of your customers.

In this link you will find an infographic of the ten HubSpot contributions to tourism. A very visual way to learn more about this platform.