Tenten 網站改版 / Tenten website revamp for 2022

Happy New Year, Guys. After three weeks of sprints and hard work, we have finally launched our new website backed by Headless technology.

We’ve experimented in tenten.co’s website revamps with mash-up Webflow/ WordPress API/ Ghost/ Cloudflare Worker, Vercel, and React to become the backbone of tenten’s new website.

Because in tenten, we firmly believe that product and websites are more than just good UX and UI design, and all of our works were made sure to be built with the modern DevOps and technology thinking to craft a good user experience (CX) in the project we’ve built.

So with that belief, our clients can benefit from the agility, flexibility, and stability of the tech stack we’ve chosen. We have been using Headless websites development since 2018, and in 2021, almost 60% of the website we’ve built has powered by Vercel, and it’s going to be the new standard for tenten to create stunning websites for our clients in 2022.

I take this opportunity to thank all of you for the significant contributions made this year. I am wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

新年快樂,夥伴們。經過三周的衝刺和努力工作,我們終於推出了以 Headless 技術為支撐的新網站 (tenten.co)。

我們在 tenten.co 的網站改版中嘗試了混搭 Webflow/ WordPress API/ Ghost/ Cloudflare Worker、Vercel, AWS CDN edge 雲服務和 React,成為 tenten 新網站的技術支架。

因為在 tenten,我們堅信產品和網站不僅僅是好的用戶體驗和使用者介面設計,我們所有的作品都確保以現代的DevOps和技術思維來建構,以確保我們建立的項目都能夠有優良的表現與絕佳的用戶體驗(CX)。

本著這種信念,我們的客戶可從我們選擇的技術棧的敏捷性、資訊安全和穩定性中受益。而從 2018 年開始嘗試使用 Headless 網站開發到現在,在 2021 年,我們所建的網站幾乎有 60% 是由 Vercel 驅動的。而在 2022 年,它將成為 tenten 為建構網站的新標準。


原文網址: https://tenten.co/insight/culture/tenten-website-revamp-2022/

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